The Many Different Types Of Bath Tubs

Although most people are used to just using the standard bath tub, there are actually a lot of choices out there. They may cost a little (or a lot) more than the standard tubs, but they can add a lot of interest to a room as well as a lot of comfort to the bathing experience. Your best option is to look at the various bathtub reviews to find out the various specifications of the different bathtubs available. From the size to the shape of the bathtub should be considered, below are a few examples of the various bathtubs available:

Freestanding bathtubs come in all different sizes and shapes, and are made from a wide variety of materials which include acrylic, cast iron, copper, and wood. They are also available in a few different styles, these include the claw foot bathtubs, pedestal bathtubs, Japanese bathtubs, as well as newer and more modern looking bathtubs. These tubs are great because of the versatility they offer. The more modern freestanding bathtubs are also available with air or water jetted systems which give them a luxurious feel. If you’re looking for a classical bathtub to complete your bathrooms theme then one of the many clawfoot bathtub options is the way to go.

Walk in bath tubs and handicap bathtubs feature a door so that you don’t have to step over the side of the tub to get in. Many also feature seats, and most are much deeper than your typical bathtub so it isn’t necessary to sit on the bottom of the tub to bathe. These bathtubs also come with many additional accessories such as handles and guide rails to make getting in and out the bath easy. You don’t have to be disabled to use one of these tubs, many people have walk in tubs because of its ease of use and its compact size. Most of these bath tubs come standard with water or air jets for added relaxation.

If you like to soak a lot more than the lower half of your body, you might want to try one of the many deep soaking tubs that are available. Deeper tubs allow you to submerge almost all of your body from a sitting position. Some of the most well known are the Japanese soaking tubs, also known as Ofura tubs. These Ofura bath tubs are great for soaking as they retain heat well letting you soak for longer. However, there are also some less expensive options out there as well. Another great benefit about these bathtubs is that they are available in many different styles.

Castello Luxury Bathtubs

Those who want a luxurious bathing experience without taking up as much space as a hot tub can try corner bath tubs and corner hot tubs. Usually these seat two to three people and have a number of additional or optional features. They might be soaking tubs or whirlpool tubs. These bath tubs are great for smaller bathrooms or patios. They don’t take up much space at all and can still be enjoyed by the whole family. These tubs are available in many design options and shapes. All these tubs are also available with a jetted option.

Another option for those who don’t have a lot of space or a lot of money to spend is small hot tubs. You can find these tubs to seat two to four people, and they are much more affordable than the larger options. They have similar dimensions to your regular bath tubs but they have the added features of a whirlpool tub which includes the air or water jetted system and seating position. Many of them are also portable so you can move them from place to place depending on your preferences. The portable hot tub option is great for indoor or outdoor bathing.

Jacuzzi bath tubs can include spa type models with all sorts of jets and lights or they can be simple soaking tubs. The soaking tubs are in the lower price range, and then as you add the Air-Bath and Whirlpool features the price goes up. Generally the larger the tub and the more features it has the more expensive it is. The larger models are great for a few people to use at once, they are very spacious and can offer great massage therapy for people with damaged or sore muscles. Jacuzzi tubs also offer great luxury when it comes to hot tubs.

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