Using Freestanding Bathtubs To Give Your Bathroom A Different Look

There are a wide variety of different bathtub styles available besides the standard one that is usually installed by homeowners. One option that is gaining in popularity is freestanding bathtubs. Some of the available tubs of this type have a bit of an old fashioned look, such as the claw foot tubs that are found in many old houses. However, there are many other styles available with a more modern look. You can find freestanding bathtubs made out of acrylic, cast iron, copper, resin wood and stone. Some have pedestals or sit in stands, and others just sit directly on the floor. Many of these tubs have no faucet drillings and must be used with freestanding tub fillers or wall mounted faucets.

Freestanding Bathtub Styles

Clawfoot Bathtubs – When it comes to free standing bathtubs this is usually the first one that comes to mind. It’s classical and vintage looks makes it very appealing to most people. Clawfoot bathtubs get their name from the feet that hold the tub up, they are usually claw shaped but do come in other designs as well. Some of these tubs have interchangeable feet, so you can change the design of the feet for a refreshed look. These bathtubs are also good for soaking as they are slightly deeper than the regular bathtub. Many people also paint the exterior of the clawfoot tub to match the bathroom theme making this freestanding bathtub very versatile.

Pedestal Bathtubs – This freestanding bathtub is very similar to the clawfoot bathtub, the main difference is the way it is positioned on the ground, instead of claw feet supporting the bathtub, it lays on a pedestal to keep it stable. This bathtub is also great for soaking as it is slightly longer than your usual tub making it great for lying down in. These bath tubs are also great for vintage themed bathrooms and offer a unique design element. They can be placed in the center of the bathroom as the main focus point on be placed on the sides, either way it is assured that your bathroom will look wonderful.

Slipper Bathtubs – The great thing about slipperClawfoot Bathtub bathtubs is that they can either have the clawfoot option or the pedestal option, depending on your own tastes. This freestanding bathtub has an elongated back which makes lying in this bath tub very comfortable. The back piece offers loads of support for your back making your soaking experience even more enjoyable.

Japanese Bathtubs – These freestanding bathtubs are usually made from the traditional Japanese wood called Hinoki or from cedar. They come in two main shapes, round or rectangular. These tubs are great for soaking as they are very deep, one would usually sit in these bathtubs with the water level at shoulder height. If you are busy with a bathroom remodeling project and you’re thinking of having a Japanese themed bathroom then one of these Japanese bathtubs would be ideal to complete the theme.

Freestanding Bathtub Materials

Cast Iron tubs – Most freestanding clawfoot tubs are made from cast iron. It gives the bathtub that vintage look and feel. Although cast iron is a very heavy material it is great for maintaining the heat in the bathtub meaning the water will stay warmer for longer, allowing you to soak for longer. The inside of the tub will usually be coated with an enamel layer to make it feel smooth to the touch.

Acrylic Tubs – This is also a very popular material to use for free standing bathtubs as it makes them cheaper to manufacture and therefore they cost less than other materials. Acrylic tubs are usually white which offer a very clean look to the bathtub.

Copper Tubs – These bathtubs are very unique and not as common as the acrylic tubs. Many of these bath tubs are custom ordered and made. They offer a unique design appeal in the bathroom especially with old classical themed bathrooms. They have a copper color and are available in the pedestal or clawfoot option.

Wooden Tubs – Wooden bathtubs are very un-common and are associated with Japanese bathtubs. These bathtubs are available in many different styles and are also usually custom made to fit the person’s needs of bathroom theme. These bathtubs go well with log cabin styles homes.

Fiberglass Tubs – This is a very durable material and it is easy to shape, therefore there are many styles available. This is also the least expensive of the bathtub materials. It also has the added advantage of being a light weight material.

Benefits of Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtub Reviews

Vintage Tub & Bath sells a number of freestanding bathtubs made with acrylic or cast iron coated in porcelain for between $1,340 for the 60 Inch Double Ended Pedestal Bath Tub by Randolph Morris (with 7 Inch Rim Drillings or with No Faucet Drillings) and $4,860 for the 72 Inch Kohler Vintage Double Ended Skirted Bathtub with No Faucet Drillings. These tubs are some of the most reasonably priced free standing bathtubs available. They range in size from 54 inches to 75 inches in length. They are also some of the tubs that will look the most like standard bathtubs, although they are available in a variety of different shapes and styles.

Copper freestanding bathtubs come in many different shapes and sizes. Signature Hardware has a wide selection, including Japanese soaking baths (in circular, square, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes), slipper and double slipper baths, and baths with beautiful wrought iron stands. These freestanding bathtubs range in price from $1.995.95 for the simplest Copper Double Slipper Tub with Nickel Lining to $7,889.95 for the 72″ Riley Double Wall Hexagon Copper Soaking Tub.

One of the most expensive and hardest to find options for freestanding bathtubs is the stone tub. However, Signature Hardware has a number of these tubs for sale from between $8,985 for the 60″ Augustus Chiseled Stone Tub and $11,730 for the 68″ Trajan Carrara Marble Tub on Plinth. They range in size from 60 to 75 inches in length and are made of marble or granite. These are free standing bathtubs for those who really want to make a statement with their bathrooms and have plenty of money to spare.

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